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Get 88% Open Rates and 56% CTRs with Chat Marketing

Introducing the newest channel to digital marketing... chat marketing. This channel is the most impressive and highly profitable currently out there.

Manycat agency partner

We are an Agency Partner

You cannot become an agency partner unless you pass a quiz and also have chatbots with active subscribers every month.

We of course passed the quiz with 100% and now proudly wear out agency partner badge with pride.

Not only will you be in safe hands with us but expert hands. We have helped businesses grow better with chat marketing.... now let us help you do the same.

What Chat Marketing Can Do

Chat marketing works essentially the same way email marketing does where you broadcast a message to your subscribers. The difference is the likes of Facebook Messenger has a far higher interactivity rate and more API capabilities than email.

You can turn Messenger into an automated customer service tool, create a personalised loyalty program for customers, keep customers updated on their orders and a whole lot more.

Gone are the days of sending generic emails to customers. Use chat marketing to personalise message automatically and build relationships with your customers.

Create a space where your customers want to be involved. We have had brands where the customers have even asked how to become a subscriber!

Cutting Edge Chat Marketing Strategy

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Build your subscribers

The first thing on your agenda is to build subscribers. To do so, offer your followers and audience something they can't refuse.

This doesn't have to be a monetised incentive but could be a piece of irresistible content or even an interactive game.

Make sure whatever you offer, you deliver it as soon as they subscribe.

Ways to get people to subscribe

There are so many different ways you can get people to subscribe to your Messenger list such as a referral link which you can use on your Instagram Stories to swipe up.

You can have a pop up on your website that direct people to Messenger or even a QR code printed on marketing materials that customers can scan and be directed to Messenger.

You can also use Facebook Ads to build subscribers at a very low cost.

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Get subscribers engaged

Do not use chat marketing the same way you would use email marketing, they should be treated completely differently.

Chat marketing should be much more personal, educational and fun. Don't keep pushing sales onto your subscribers because it could end up with them reporting you and your list being blocked.

Provide exclusive content to your subscribers so they feel valued. This could be exclusive pictures, educational content, exclusive discounts etc.

Convert engaged subscribers

There are many ways to convert subscribers to customers or repeat customers. Use programs such as loyalty cards where they will get a customised pass in their mobile wallet which they can bring into the shop, restaurant or hotel.

You can also offer exclusive discount to subscribers but make it fun by creating a game they have to play on order to get the discount. 

Make sure whatever offer you promise in your message, is delivered upon clicking through to the website or landing page.

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