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Create Content People Crave

Creating quality content can take up a lot of time but it is one of the most important assets to have in the digital marketing sphere. Let us help you create content your customers crave.

Content is Everything in Digital Marketing

You've probably heard it a thousand times before but we'll say it again, content is everything! You need content for every part of your digital marketing including landing pages, social media, advertising, email... it goes on and on.

A lot of businesses fall into the trap of creating content just because 'it's Monday and I have to post twice today'. If no one is engaging with your content, it's time to take a step back and think about what your customers want to see from you.

The more you provide content your customers want to see, the more reach your content will get and ultimately the more custom and growth.

Focus and Plan Your Content


Content planning and strategy

Before spending a whole load of time creating content that you 'think' might do well, sit back and have a good think about what your customer wants to see but also what you want to get out of that content.

Do you want to drive traffic, gain sales, reach more of your audience? Think about what content would help achieve each goal.

Creating Content

Now that you have a plan of what content you want to create, plan the most efficient way to get the content created.

You could hire an in-house designer or hire an agency such as We Are Social Nation to do your content for you so you can focus your time elsewhere.

The more you can plan for the future, the easier it will be for the creation process so you have time to review and make any edits.


Analysing Your Content

One of the most important factors in content is to analyse the performance.

For example, if your goal was to get more reach and followers. Take a look at the insights after posting and compare with other content. If there is improvement or it has performed worse then it's time to go back to the drawing board.

Once you find a piece of content that performs well, maximise on it and create similar style assets.

Convert those that are engaged

Once you find a style of content that works for you, the next stage is to make sure that those that are engaging with your content convert into sales.

This is easy, just make sure that the style of content is the same style on you landing pages and what is promised in your content is delivered on the landing page.

You can also use exclusive content to tempt in paying customers but make sure that they find value in this paid-for content.

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