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Reach millions of your audience through influencers!

Influencer marketing is the modern-day word-of-mouth. When utilised effectively, it presents the opportunity to place your brand directly in front of your desired audience.

Speed up your brand awareness and reach a highly engaged audience with influencer marketing.

You want to sell products - not fight with the never-ending algorithm changes and the many conversations with different influencers. 

We Are Social Nation will take it off your hands so you can focus on products and logistics. We have a team in-house who have already built relationships with influencers and will manage your influencer marketing more effectively.

Plus, we will communicate with you all the way to make sure you're happy with the influencers and that the content is exactly how you want it.

Just some of our many influencers...

lateysha grace instagram stats

Lateysha Grace


Lateysha is perfect for fashion brands and she loves to clean. 

Followers: 920K

Weekly Impressions: 8,204,410 

*updated January 2020

Charlotte Dawson


Charlotte is perfect for beauty/hair, fashion, furniture and food brands. 

Followers: 695K

Weekly Impressions: 16,245,837 

*updated January 2020

charlotte dawson instagram stats
anna williamson instagram stats

Anna Williamson


Anna is perfect for 'mother & baby' brands, fashion, food and healthy lifestyle brands.

Followers: 148K

Weekly Impressions: 1,693,222 

*updated January 2020

Hannah Elizabeth


Hannah is perfect for fashion and baby brands.

Followers: 446K

Weekly Impressions: 10,123,600 

*updated January 2020

hannah elizabeth instagram stats

Use any of our influencers and skyrocket brand awareness

The influencers above are only the beginning. We Are Social Nation has a whole hub of influencers with audiences to suit any industry and make every part of brand awareness easier.

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