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All-in-one Social Media Marketing

We will transform your social media marketing into an interesting and highly engaging place which people want to follow and become a customer.

Where all of your social media marketing comes together

With We Are Social Nation, we will help you grow followers, increase engagement, grow traffic and convert followers through Instagram and Facebook. 

Whether you're looking someone to manage your social media entirely from sourcing content to engaging with your audience, we will provide you with a package that suits your goals and budget.

Plus, we will communicate with you all the way to make sure you're happy with the work we're doing and that the content is exactly how you want it.

Execute your social media strategy. Increase sales.

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Grow your followers

There are a number of ways to grow your followers such as hashtags and tagging others however the most effective way to grow your followers is by creating viral-worthy content.

Product content that encourages people to comment and create a discussion. This type of content is what Instagram and Facebook wants to push viral.

Increase engagement

There is no point in having thousands or even millions of followers if none of them engage with your content. If your followers won't even engage, why would Instagram and Facebook push your content to prospects?

Listen to your followers, become friends with them. Think about what they want and not what you want. You want sales but they don't want to be sold to. Sales will come naturally by providing a space they feel comfortable.

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Attract more targeted traffic

Find out what content your audience craves and maximise on it. The key to social media is to product content that your followers don't want to miss out on.

Think about what would drive your followers from social media to your website. You must give them a reason to click through to the website.

The key to driving traffic is to use social media as a tool to build your brands personality and push sales every now and again.

Convert social media traffic into sales

The best way to convert social media traffic is to make sure your website is consistent with your social media. For example, if we were to post fun and brightly coloured pictures, people would expect to land on a website that is also fun and bright.

Your followers have fell in love with your social media so don't scare them away with a website or landing page that is not in keeping with your social media.

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